My first new build of 2022 is a model Steam Wagon that was first published in the 1928 00-3 instruction manual and continued in later manuals until 1934 when the blue and gold range was introduced. I first came across as a child in the 1950's when I was given the larger part of a rather tatty 1929 00-3 manual that I still have. I never built the model at the time no doubt due to lack of the parts.  Now at last its time has come! I have built it using red and green parts from my 1930 number 7 set. The leaf springs are made form more modern zinc parts as I don't like to bend my old green parts. Note the battleship grey boiler and sleeve pieces used for the funnel, the boiler p/n 162 that was introduced 1927/28. I have used additional parts not included in the Number 3 set to enhance the look of the model but still retaining its character. Braced girders were much used at the time in the same way flexible and strip plates were later used. The electric motor is one that was supplied with the number 7 set at the time it is  wound for 4 volts AC but is OK with 8-12 volts DC. As simple as the model is it it is a fairly good representation of steam wagons built by the Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Co (see above picture)and Leyland. These both used a horizontal boiler set across the front of the wagon. Even at the time the Meccano instructions were first published this type of wagon was considered to be rather antiquated. When Meccano introduced  Blue Gold sets in 1934 an updated version of the model was published although rather lacking the character of the earlier wagon.  I have also built this modle seee below. Trivia The Open ended flanged plate p/n 52 with the saw blade slots shown on the cab back in the original instructions were only produced briefly in 1928. The Steam Wagon is also the only model in the manual showing that version of the part, see picture below.
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First Published January 26 2022 Revised 08/02/2022
I have built three other similar steam wagons shown below, click on the word bubble to go the wagon’s own page.