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This is another in my series of Meccano Steam Wagons. This one is from the 1937 No.6 instruction manual this model was also published post war 1947-1953. Following the rather confusing "New Outfits" of 1934 another radical change was made in 1937  when the numbering  was changed to a numerical system 0-10 however the sets were smaller even the number 10 was considerably smaller than the previous "L" set but prices were slashed. New parts were introduced, the tin road wheels became red and off white and some smaller parts changed from gold to red. I have reflected these changes in this model of a Tipping Steam Wagon using my only road wheels from that period sadly in rather "play worn" condition. The graphic shows this model as an artistic representation from the cover of the new manuals, rather different to that shown in the instructions. Unlike the earlier Steam Wagons this has no steering but does have an operating tipping body.  The body is raised by a cord passing round six 1" pulleys then wound onto a crank rod I thought it would never work but my scepticism was proved wrong. I also used a spring clip pressed on the rod and against the chassis as an effective brake! The model is not that attractive with a cab that is badly proportioned, although it has its charms. I started to build it a few years ago but instead built a wagon of my own design see below. This 1937 model is probably based on the Sentinel Steam Wagons of the nineteen twenties/thirties. I have built three other similar steam wagons shown below, click on the word bubble to go the wagon’s own page.
First Published February 08 2022