Cranes have always been a popular subject and one of mine too. This is a selection of Meccano model cranes both static and mobile I have built. Click on the image or caption below and go to the page about the model with larger pictures, information about its construction and origins. Some pages have videos too.


NEW vintage Pontoon Crane



1911 Travelling Gantry

1960 Model of the Month Block Setting Crane

1924-1937 Automatic Weighing Crane

!942 hammerhead cran thumb

1942 Hammerhead crane

1937 Block-Setting Crane

SML 19 Steam Shovel thumb

SML19 Steam Shovel

Portable Crane thumb

Portable Crane 1930

Travelling Gantry Crane

Travelling Gantry Crane 1929

Railway breakdown thumb

Updated SML Railway Breakdown Crane


!937 Breakdown lorry

1937 Breakdown Lorrry

Hand operated gantry crane

1931 Hand Operated Gantry Crane

Giant Block Setting Crane thumb

2016 Giant Block Setting Crane

steel works crane thumb

Steel works crane

Rotating Crane thumb

SML 18 Rotating Crane

Motor break down crane thumb

1930 Motor Breakdown Crane

Derrick Crane

Derrick crane

Coles Thumb

Coles Mobile Crane


1954 Jumbo Crane


Granville Island Crane


Hammer head crane


1954 Lifting Shovel


SML Pontoon Crane


Tower crane


1911 Derrick Crane

1930 Breakdown Truck


1929 SMLSteam Excavator

1954 Forge Crane

Girder crane Thumb

1914 Girder Crane

Thumb Railway Breakdown crane

1937 Railway Breakdown Crane

1926 Crane Thumb

1916 Clockwork Crane


1956 Mechanical Excavator

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