This is a selection of model trucks, lorries and other commercial vehicles built from a range of Meccano colours. Click on the image or caption below and go to the page about the model showing larger pictures, information about its construction and origins.

AEC Bulk Liquid Tanker

1918 Tramcar

Steam Wagon

Meccano Multi kit Thumb

Millitary Half Track Truck

Delivery Van

Lorry and Trailer No.9 model

1947 Lorry and Trailer No.9 set model

Streamlind tank lorry

Streamlined petrol tank lorry

Tipping Motocart

1930 Armoured Car thumb

1930 Armoured Motor car

Interstation Bus

LT Interstation Bus

1937 Steam Wagon

1937 Steam Wagon

1937 Army Lorry

1937 Army Lorry

Karrier Cob

1937 Carrier Cob

Motor breakdown crane thumb

Motor Breakdown Crane

Tipping steam wagon thumb

Tipping Steam wagon

Thumb Market gardeners van

1937 Market gardener's van

Thumb Pallet-Jekta

Bedford Pallet-Jekta van


1954 Road Sweeper

1952 Road Sweeper

1954 Eight-wheel Lorry

Eight wheel lorry red and gren

Eight wheel Lorry 1954


Power Drive Tractor

Hindlle smart thumb

Hindel Smart 10 set model

Heavy Goods Lorry


Mechanical Horse and trailer

Thumb Peterbilt

Peterbilt Rig

1930 Breakdown Truck

Thumb Motor Coach BY

1949 Motor Coach

Thumb Motor Coach RZ

1949 Motor Coach

Furniture van thumb

1937 Furniture Van


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